Rio Bravo

Обложка альбома Rio BravoRio Bravo started in the winter of 2009 with a similar story to that of many bands. It all started with a couple of 18 and 19 year old friends in a garage playing music. In the beginning it was Christian on drums, Ed on Bass and Micah on vocals and electric guitar. Almost immediately Bryan was added on electric guitar and background vocals. Once they had a few songs they went into the studio and within a few months of the band’s inception they had their first EP of 5 songs. Over the next year they played out, gained a following and wrote for their first full length album. In the summer of 2010 production started for their freshman album, later to be titled “Fences” as a result of all the hurtles and trials they faced as they worked on finishing the record. After going on a few tours, and getting a few lucky breaks Rio Bravo had turned into one of the biggest and best bands in Wilmington, NC. Rio Bravo is now entering the first stage of recording their sophomore album. This album, to be released sometime in the first half of 2012, will mark how far they have come and also how much further they have to go.
  • Трек: Mr Rifle, My Pony and Me / Cindy (From "Rio Bravo" Original Soundtrack)
  • Исполнитель (артист): Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, Walter Brennan
  • Длительность 3:35
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, Walter Brennan - Mr Rifle, My Pony and Me / Cindy (From "Rio Bravo" Original Soundtrack)"

  • 3:10
    CKYRio Bravo
  • 4:00
    Rio BravoAmerican Man
  • 2:11
    Los Coyotes Del Rio BravoYo no conoci a mi madre
  • 0:19
    Dimitri TiomkinRio Bravo (Wild Victory Whistles (No. 3)
  • 2:22
    Los Coyotes Del Rio BravoPancho Treviño
  • 2:43
    Dean MartinMy Rifle, My Pony and Me (feat. Gus Levene and His Orchestra) [From "Rio Bravo"]
  • 2:23
    John WayneMy Rifle, My Pony & Me (From 'Rio Bravo')
  • 2:43
    John WayneMy Rifle, My Pony and Me (Studio Version - From 'Rio Bravo')
  • 2:02
    Los Coyotes Del Rio BravoQue Tengas Buen Viaje
  • 3:01
    Dean MartinRio Bravo
  • 4:00
    Hollywood Pictures OrchestraRio Bravo
  • 2:57
    John WayneDe Guello (From 'Rio Bravo')
  • 2:16
    Los Coyotes del Rio BravoDos Barajas
  • 2:53
    Los Coyotes Del Rio BravoTu Y Yo
  • 1:30
    Dimitri TiomkinRio Bravo (Main Title)
  • 1:20
    John WayneCindy (From 'Rio Bravo')
  • 2:25
    Dueto Aguila Y SolTragedia del Rio Bravo
  • 3:03
    Dean MartinRio Bravo
  • 2:20
    Los Coyotes Del Rio BravoMonterrey Shotis
  • 2:12
    Franck PourcelDeguello (du film "Rio Bravo")
  • 3:05
    Georges JouvinRio bravo
  • 6:52
    BustinRio Bravo (Original)
  • 4:16
    Poncho Villagomez Y Sus Coyotes Del Rio BravoTe Gano La Tentacion
  • 2:28
    Los Coyotes De Rio BravoLa Escopeta
  • 2:20
    John WilliamPas de pitié (From "Rio Bravo")
  • 2:00
    Los Coyotes De Rio BravoLa Cacahuata
  • 2:59
    Playin' BuzzedRio Bravo (From "rio Bravo") [Official Bar Karaoke Version in the Style of Dean Martin]
  • 2:32
    Los Coyotes Del Rio BravoRegresa Y Ven A Mi
  • 0:59
    Dimitri TiomkinRio Bravo (Wagon Train No. 2)
  • 2:59
    Dean MartinRio Bravo
  • 2:18
    Los Coyotes De Rio BravoPolka Monterrey
  • 4:34
    Poncho Villagomez y Sus Coyotes del Rio BravoRosendo martha
  • 2:19
    Los Coyotes De Rio BravoCorazón de Texas
  • 2:23
    Los Coyotes De Rio BravoRufalina
  • 2:39
    Los Coyotes De Rio BravoEl Cerro de la Silla
  • 2:36
    Los Coyotes De Rio BravoAngélica
  • 0:50
    Dimitri TiomkinRio Bravo (End Title)
  • 2:22
    Poncho Villagomez Y Sus Coyotes Del Rio BravoMananitas
  • 0:17
    Dimitri TiomkinRio Bravo (Wild Victory Whistles)
  • 2:12
    Los Coyotes De Rio BravoLa Faceta
  • 3:19
    Max SteinerDeguello (From "Rio Bravo")
  • 1:27
    John WayneMain Title (From 'Rio Bravo')
  • 2:38
    Poncho Villagomez Y Sus Coyotes Del Rio BravoHombre De Rio Grande
  • 1:30
    Dimitri TiomkinRio Bravo
  • 6:10
    Vic JurisBravo Rio
  • 3:25
    Mariachi Fiesta De ParisDeguello (Rio Bravo)
  • 3:27
    Rio BravoLet's Do the Lambada
  • 0:44
    Dimitri TiomkinRio Bravo (End Title No. 1)